Firefighters struggle to eradicate downtown structure fire

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) — Fire crews are in a battle to extinguish a large structure fire in downtown Huntington.

The building is home to a century-old law firm as well as a barbershop.

Firefighters were called to the corner of Cherry and Market street just after 8 a.m. Wednesday on reports of a fire. The fire continued to be active later in the day with flames climbing through the top fo the building around 11 a.m.

The downtown building is home to multiple apartments and various businesses.

Around 60 to 70 firefighters were on scene, according to Huntington Assistant Fire Chief Wayne Huff.

A heavy and thick smoke clouded the downtown area as firefighters struggled to put out the fire. Crews worked to eradicate the fire from the Cherry street and Market street roads.

Families were seen evacuating the area, clutching on to their belongings and their kids.

No injuries have yet to be reported, according to Huff.


Four Good Samaritans save Huntington resident

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) — On Monday, September 12 at 2:00pm, police were called to County Road 200 East with reports of a UTV accident. Jerry Landrum was heading northbound on C.R. 200 when he struck a culvert on the side of the road. Landrum was then thrown from his UTV and pinned underneath it.

Four passing Samaritans stopped and freed him before police showed up. Landrum was taken to Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne with reports of shoulder and rib injuries. FDN’s Randi Orr and Shelby Price tried contacting Landrum to follow up on his injuries, but we received no response.

We also met with Trea Kiefer, HU’s Simulation Lab Coordinator, to talk to her about what to do when you come upon the scene of an accident. These are the steps she suggests that everyone should take:

  1. Call 911
  2. Make sure the area is safe and secure before approaching the accident.
  3. Determine if the victim is responsive.
  4. Identify their injuries. If there is blood apply pressure to those areas.
  5. Stabilize the head and neck.
  6. Keep the injured person talking
  7. Stay calm and get out of the way when emergency personnel arrive.

Huntington University administration explores banning Yik Yak

Yik Yak

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) – Controversy surrounds the social media app Yik Yak. This app allows one to post his or her thoughts anonymously. Anyone within a 5 mile radius can then read these anonymous posts. Continue reading Huntington University administration explores banning Yik Yak

Local deputy discusses campus shooting safety tips

Huntington, Ind. (FDN) – Huntington University is known for being one of the safest college campuses in Indiana. With school shootings becoming more common, one Huntington County deputy believes it’s not a matter of if something like this could happen at HU, but rather, when.

The Huntington County Sheriff's Department is teaching the "run, hide, fight" approach in regard to school shootings.
The Huntington County Sheriff’s Department is teaching the “run, hide, fight” approach in regard to school shootings.

Plane Crashes into Pickup, Catastrophe Avoided

Huntington Ind. (FDN) – A pilot pulled a miraculous maneuver around 11:30 in the morning Monday May 4th, turning what could have been a catastrophe into a miracle.

Speculation is that the pilot (currently unnamed) of a small single engine plane N8703W ran out of power in the air. The Fort Wayne air traffic control officials rerouted the failing craft to Huntington. He did not make it.

The pilot was forced to land on the highway at the junction of State Road 5 and State Road 224. The plane somehow avoided electrical wires and stoplights, only to smash into the back of a stopped pickup truck.

Sheriff Terry Stoffel told FDN, “If he would have been a little higher, my fear would be that the wing would have taken the cap off and decapitated him.”

What is more is that the crash occurred near a gas station. The combination of a high speed plane, electrical wires, and a gas station could have created a much worse incident. Luckily, both the driver and the pilot are in good condition. The pilot was able to walk away, and the driver is currently being cared for in a medical facility for neck pain.

The FAA will be doing an investigation of the pilot and the crash to determine the actual cause.

Additionally, FDN was one of the few news sources able to secure the surveillance footage of the actual crash happening. The nearby business, Bud’s Guns, captured the event on one of its front cameras.

The footage as well as the extended interview with Chief Terry Stoffel can be viewed in this FDN special report.

Governor Pence Visits HU

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN News) – Norm the Forester made a new friend this past week, and students found a new friend to star in their selfies. On November 6, Huntington University had the honor of hosting Governor of Indiana Mike Pence. Continue reading Governor Pence Visits HU