HU Work Study myth is busted

Joe Mattox

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) –  There has been some frustration among students who want to be employed by the university but do not apply for Federal Work Study because their parents make too much money.

So what about the students who are paying for their education but have parents that make an income that is over the federal limit? FDN News sat down with the Assistant Director of Financial Aid Joe Mattox and found out that we have a myth to bust.

Federal Work Study seeks to help families with a lower income find employment on his or her college campus. Government takes FASFA information and uses it to create what’s called an “expected parent contribution”. Federal Work Study usually favors those individuals who come from a moderate to low income family.

However, the Enterprise Resource Center on HU’s campus not only employs students who apply for Federal Work Study, but those that don’t as well. While there are many available jobs for students on HU’s campus, it’s competitive because there aren’t as many jobs as there are students.

While a student who applies for Work Study gets priority, it may come down to who is qualified for the job. If a student on Work Study has no experience, but the student not on Work Study does, the student not on Work Study would get the job.

Mattox would encourage students to apply early in the semester so they have a better chance of being employed by the university.

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