Indiana abortion law causes controversy

Pro-Life Activists Observe 32nd Aniversary Of Roe v Wade

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) – The new Indiana abortion law has caused quite the controversy. But what do Huntington University students and faculty think?

“I have a picture, and this is a picture of my friend Gretta. Gretta is 43, and she was born with Down syndrome,” said Assistant Professor of Social Work at Huntington University Dr. Carla MacDonald.

The topic of abortion due to the child having a disability is an emotional subject for Dr. MacDonald.

House Bill 1337 was recently signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence. This bill prohibits a woman from getting an abortion if her reasoning is solely due to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disability of the fetus.

After the bill was signed, Governor Pence experienced a lot of backlash.

There are clearly two sides to this argument. Even at Huntington University, you’ll find students who fall on both sides of the issue.

One student said, “I am pro-life because a baby at 21 days has a heartbeat. That’s how you classify someone as alive or dead is their heartbeat. So alive is alive to me no matter what kind of chromosome background they have.”

Another student said, “I believe it’s a woman’s right to do as she wants with her body. If that means taking action to abort a baby, so be. I’m not advocating that abortion is a ‘good thing’. I’m only saying that a woman should have the right over her own body.”

While Dr. MacDonald is not in favor of abortion, she is concerned that a new issue will present itself considering that abortion is still legal.

“I think what people are going to do is they’re going to lie. I think we are going to be pushing people into a situation where they aren’t going to be honest with their physicians. They’re going to lie. They’re going to come up with another reason,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald believes that there should be more support for families who do have children with disabilities.

“I think our focus needs to be assuring that if they do choose life, that all of the supports are going to be in place to help them during that child’s lifetime.”

You can go to our website to find more information on what all is included in House Bill 1337.

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