New year, New Sound


If you are a long time listener of Forester Radio you may have noticed we have a new sound. Two weeks before school started our Station Manager, Emma Lehman, and Sound Engineer, Peter Price, worked on revamping the station into a new and unique sound. When you are listening you will notice we have more of a folk/acoustic sound to us, we have moved away from the pop sound. You will also notice there is a mix of Christian and Secular music, we still advertise ourselves as a christian station so we don’t just put any secular songs on the station. When choosing the secular music we try to be sure that we find songs that have a deep meaning just like our christian music.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our new sound. You can do that by contacting us through our social media pages or call in to our station phone at (260) 359-4282

Thanks for listening!

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